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Other Services

  • Anniversary/Vow Renewal and Commitment Ceremonies 

  • Pregnancy (Blessingway), Baby Blessings and Baptisms 
  • Home Blessings and Space Clearings 
  • Milestones: Birthday and Coming of Age Celebrations




A blessingway can be held for any woman, whether she is a member of a specific religion, someone who follows her own spiritual path, or someone who claims no faith or spiritual practice at all. A ceremony is designed to provide a deeply meaningful and transformational experience for a mother-to-be while honoring her personal belief system. The blessingway may be done as an alternative to or in conjunction with a baby shower and is a lovely way to honor a new mother and to create a circle of support that will cradle her as she prepares to give birth.

Baby Blessing or Baptism

Wheather you want a traditional Baptism or Baby Blessing Ceremony we can help you create a ceremony that fits your family. 

Home Blessing

Whether you are moving or have lived in the same place for an extended period it is crucial to cleanse the residual energy left behind once in a while. I can help you cleanse your home and put forth positive intentions for the future. 

Milestones: Birthdays & Coming of Age Ceremonies

Our culture recognizes specific times in our lives as meaningful turning points. Traditionally we celebrate the coming stages in life with Rites of Passage Ceremonies that encourage us to embrace the changes to come.



*For Fees and further informaiton please contact us. CLICK HERE. 


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